3 Website Fundamentals

The internet is flooded with information and you are competing with a sea of information available to online searchers.  Here we discuss 3 website fundamentals which are the first steps in the right direction to rank higher in Google search results.
1. Your website must be mobile friendly
On 21 April 2015 Google adapted their search algorithms to show user results optimized for their devices. Google realized that they needed to expand their use of mobile friendliness. You should to.
There is nothing more frustrating to a user than opening a site on a smart phone or tablet and having to scroll across the screen and try and zoom in to read the content. I can guarantee you the user will close your site and open your competitors site that is likely to be mobile friendly.Do a quick test, and Google your website. If in the results it does not indicate -mobile friendly (see image) your website needs a rework.

2. Visual content and first impressions

Looks are everything. Making a first impression and keeping visitors on your site are almost entirely dependent on design. This first impression of your website is a direct reflection of your business. Chances are, the first glimpse a new client might have of you is through your website.
First impressions are largely based on design. The brain processes images much faster that text. For this reason, use mostly visual content to keep a user’s intrest.

3. Performance is key

One of the most awesome advantages of online media compared to print media is you can measure it. You have no idea how many people actually look at your advert in a magazine or even a billboard next to the highway, but a website can give you lots of valuable information that will allow you to adjust your content to cater for your audience.
Search engine optimization also plays a big part in any website and a lot can be done to optimise your website and to make it SEO friendly.