6 Ways to get your Website Noticed

Creating a website with informative content is only the first step in the process of advertising your goods and services. In order for potential customers to take note of your site, in a sea of competitors around you getting visitors to come back for more, requires consistent effort.

The good news is that it is possible to stand out from the crowd and obtain your fair share of the market by implementing the tips mentioned below.

  1. Make your URL searchable by every search engine possible
    Submit your URL to search engines. Search engines works by “crawling” websites and indexing keywords to their database. So make sure your website is full of keywords your targeted audience will be searching for.
    Share your website link on everything for example on all social media platforms, on every newsletter you send out, on friends sites and pages etc. This will create more traffic to your website which will get the attention of Google bots and spiders. This is what indexes your website and increase your visibility.
    Submit your website to as many online business directories as you can.
    Use Google short URL’s to track performance.
  2. Exchange links
    Talk to other site owners and share links with anyone with similar content.
    Design eye catching graphics linked to your site from other sites and offer the same to them.
    Add your URL to your email signature.
  3. Engage your site visitors
    Think of creative ways to encourage visitors to be interactive on your site by creating Opinion Polls or a comment section on your blog posts for example.
    Give your users a reason to come back to your site. A simple example would be a daily weather update or foreign exchange rate updates.  Find something related to your business that informs and updates your readers.
    Write informative blog posts and mail a snippet of this to your opt-in mailing list with a link to the full article on your site.  Sharing information for free will keep readers coming back for more.
  4. Your website has to look professional
    Stay in tune with current web designs.
    Keep in mind, your clients first exposure to your company or product will most likely be your website.
    Your website should be accessible on any device and computer possible.
  5. Promote your website offline
    Place a press release in your local newspaper or any other applicable printed media with a link to your website.
    Print fliers with QR codes linked to your website.  QR code reader apps are free for download on iTunes or Google’s Play Store such as Scanlife.
    Print promotional stickers or desk calendars with a link to your website.
    Stickers can have a QR code with your URL.
  6. Social media
    Social media is one of the strongest and most important platforms to promote your website. We will dedicate our next post entirely to Social media and your website.  We will discuss more on Social Media and how it can benefit your efforts in more detail in our next posts.

Remember, consistency is key.

Until next time,

The Gecko