Because the advantages of online banking are convincing, it is no longer only young people who use online banking for daily payment transactions.

You can then choose the right loan for you from the list of results. It is often assumed that this also means that no credit check is carried out. Norisbank also offers the PhotoTan and SMSTan processes. You can download the contract for sending to the bank directly from the portal, your details from the application process will be taken over. However, you should be careful here: In the case of loan offers that are advertised with promises such as “credit without evidence”, dubious providers often hide, who either charge extremely high interest rates on their loans or want to lure customers into a scam . The various methods of online banking are different in terms of security and convenience.

To complete the process, you have to sign the financing proposal and send it to the bank along with proof of your salary. Credit providers in Germany are legally obliged to check the creditworthiness of their customers. The advantages and disadvantages of banking methods are explained in detail below in this guide. You have to prove your identity at the post office counter (Postident) or by video call (Videoident). At KREDU, we also carry out a credit check, but we have adjusted our credit alternative so that in most bad credit loans cases we can dispense with additional proof of income. You can find out more about the various online banking offers and what distinguishes our product recommendations in our detailed online banking test.

Once the documents have been received by the bank, it may ask Schufa about your creditworthiness, this time a credit request. Why can KREDU offer a credit alternative without proof of income? Online banking # 8211; comfortable and safe. This can affect your score. From the outset, we limit our online credit to a maximum amount of € 2,000 and a term of 45 days.

Just settle an open invoice at short notice or quickly change a standing order # 8211; Those who manage their banking transactions using online banking can manage their own finances from the comfort of their own home or on the go and do not have to comply with fixed bank opening times. She will also check your details in the contract and, for example, compare them with your submitted salary slips. As a result, we are tied to different standards than credit providers and banks when making the award. Even so, many people are still skeptical # 8211; How secure is online banking really and are all online payment options equally secure? The bank can cancel the process at this point if, for example, you have provided incorrect information that affects the interest rate or lending. In order to carry out the application, you therefore do not need a proof of income, just a valid personal document (identity card / passport). In this guide we explain how you can make your online banking secure and compare the various online banking methods # 8211; these are the safest and best online accounts for your daily banking.

In practice, however, this rarely happens. The entire credit application takes place in 5 simple steps: Why should I use online banking? It usually takes a few days for the money to end up in your account. You can submit the application from the comfort of your own home. Because the advantages of online banking are convincing, it is no longer only young people who use online banking for daily payment transactions.

With an online loan, however, this can also be faster. Simply enter your desired credit amount (€ 50 – € 2,000) and your personal data in our online form. Digital banking is not only very convenient, but also economical: you don’t have to fill out any paper transfer slips or print countless bank statements just to track a booking.

Because many of the processes have now been digitized – not just the proof of identity via a video phone call. With a Schufa-neutral credit and account check, we can give you an immediate confirmation of the credit after just 30 seconds. Online banking is usually free of charge as well.

You can upload your documents directly to the portal and sign the loan agreement digitally.