Outside of that, this is why I tend to like and use Upwork

Outside of that, this is why I tend to like and use Upwork

Withy our name, city of residence, phone number, and bank name, they can call your bank and pose as you to enter your account

Your best protection when using PayPal or other payment methods like it is to be conscious about who you’re doing business with. Vet them as heavily as possible.

I’ve been a victim of identity theft before so I am very wary of anything involving me giving out serious info and because of the previous ID theft all my banking and credit ect is on lock so I dunno what’s to come

It offers payment protection because it’s in their best interest to protect against that. Now obviously, you’re paying Upwork a fee (20%, then 10% on accounts with $500 or more in earnings, then 5$ on accounts with $10,000 or more in earnings). Other freelance networks also offer payment protections, again, because it’s in their best interest to do so.

Your alternative to that is to shirk PayPal altogether and opt for a payment service that has chargeback protection. Stripe offers chargeback protection, for example. And you can use its invoicing feature the same way you might with PayPal, so your clients don’t need to have a PayPal account.

All told, PayPal isn’t the friendliest option for digital goods sellers like remote freelancers, so you may just need to explore alternatives that actually offer some protection for you.

Just got potentially scammed off of Freelancer. I was contacted by a female (from Nigeria. Instant red flag due to the email scams that have been happening for a decade) that then directed me off site to the Wire app at which point I went through what seemed to be a legit online interview. I gave relevant information and nothing that (to my knowledge) could allow them to gain access to anything personal. But I gave them my name, city of residence, phone#, bank I deal with and my phone provider. Not sure what they can do with that but I’m sure I’d be surprised. But heads up to anyone out there like myself beginning a new online career.

I’ve just posted two projects on Freelancer and within seconds of posting each I got bids from females in Nigeria for a ridiculously cheap price. Asked Freelancer helpdesk and they think it’s legit but still very wary

It’s probably not a scam, but you’re likely dealing with people who peruse job postings and use copy and pasted proposals. For your own sake, it’d likely be a case of “you get what you pay for”. If you want the best quality out of your projects, you’ll just need to make sure to vet the freelancers you’re hiring and personal loan Rhode Island be willing to pay more than bargain prices for the work.

Sounds like you fell into a scam. And it also sounds like you’ll need to be a lot more cautious in the future. They’ll use social engineering techniques to convince some potentially hapless bank employee on the phone to give them more of your account information, and potentially attempt an account takeover, or to access your account to transfer funds from it. They don’t need your password or SSN to do this.

hi good morning sir , i will do one project in freelancer the project sub 66000 thousand and then i will do that project for home basic after completed the project and then submitted to agent and the she tell me quality checking you will got 54000 and will have to pay 12% orc agent tell’s me and then i will pay 12% orc also 6408 rs agent was tell me with in hour you will got a money she tell me but i didnt get any money from her side and then two days after she call me now you pay 1316 rs then i will give your full amount to your account and then i will pay that ammount also and then after she didnt lift the my phone and ignoring my msg please sir help me sir