How To Block Someone On Facebook Dating? [in 2022]

How To Block Someone On Facebook Dating? [in 2022]

When you are chatting with many people on Facebook dating, you can’t really trust them. There will come a time when one of them would do something so bad that you would not want to talk to that person ever again. Good thing there’s the option of blocking him.

Keep in mind that you can also report someone on Facebook dating, if you don’t feel safe having a conversation with him/her.

When should you block someone on Facebook dating?

Perhaps, the most common reason for wanting to block someone on Facebook dating is when this person is pretending to be someone he is not. You can find that out when you see similar people post about this account on Facebook as they had terrible experiences with that person.

Hence, you should not even think twice about blocking that person since there are a lot of other options on Facebook dating.

Another reason is when the person you matched with is trying to borrow money from you. That is wrong on so many levels since this is a dating app and not a loans institution so you should just block that person and get it over with.

Also, you must block people who are trying to request pictures from you while you are doing uncomfortable stuff as this could lead to the person blackmailing you.

From there, you will realize right away something is up so you should do the next best thing which is to block this person so you would never hear from him again. We all know how serious dating should be taken slowly in order to get to know the person you are talking to and find out whether this person would be the right one for you or not.

How to block someone on Facebook dating?

You always have the option to block any of your matches if you think he is violating the guidelines set by Facebook Dating. You can go to your Matches then select his profile. After that, you must select the menu that has three asterisk symbols then select ‘block’.

There is the option to block that person on your Facebook app by going there then selecting Dating then Settings. From there, you can go to General then head over to Privacy Settings. After that, you can go ‘Block People in Dating’ then select the person that you would want to block.

What happens when you block someone on Facebook dating?

When you block someone on Facebook dating, this person won’t be able to find you on the app anymore. Not only that, this person won’t be able to talk to you anymore so you can completely forget about that experience. You can completely forget that person by deleting the conversation.

When you block someone on Facebook dating though, you haven’t blocked that person on Messenger. As a result, he can still access your Facebook profile. Yes, you must block that person on Messenger too so you can be sure he won’t message you on Messenger.

How to unblock someone on Facebook dating?

Go to the Facebook Dating section of Facebook then go to Settings. After that, select General then head over to Privacy Settings. From there, you can select ‘Block People in Dating’ and you will see a list of all the people that you blocked.

In order to unblock someone, you just need to tap that option beside their name. Besides, there will come a time when you would want to know how that person is doing after you blocked him. You can get curious if that person is still using the app to his advantage.

Other Information Related to Facebook Dating blocks

Believe it or not, some people actually block Facebook dating app users once they met up with them and they are simply not their type. No matter how mean that sounds, you can still do it. Even if you are given the option to select a reason for blocking that person, you can select any one of those reasons anyway and it would be perfectly alright.